About Us

We are a personnel consulting company dealing with broadly understood HR services (recruitment, training, coaching, consulting and HR analysis). We serve individual, business, prestigious and investment clients. We represent a practical and strongly business part of HR thanks to the presence of representative from various specialities (also from outside the HR industry). Our services take into account current trends, technological solutions and generational changes.


Our approach results from changes that have occurred in several fields.

The nature of HR services

Currently, HR services are not spot events, but whole processes that fit into a larger context, such as company’s goals and strategy, environment conditions, social changes, etc. Therefore, HR services should change their classical character, the manner of their implementation and set the goal and manner of their performance in a different way.

The role of the HR consultant

Customers and the market expect that the HR consultant will be a business partner, and not just a candidate or training supplier. Such a person is expected to have a broader business awareness, going beyond HR. When implementing major projects, such as, e.g. executive speech, HR consulting or business coaching, the consultant should have broader, general knowledge about the world, people and business.

Social changes

Designing HR services currently requires understanding the diversity of generations that at the moment are passing on the market, as well as the diversity of human masses in one place of work, such as origin, values, nationality, style of operation, wealth, etc. Hence the need to systematically follow these changes and their in-depth understanding.

Technological changes

The digitization of many business processes is progressing, including HR services and tools. There is a need to develop two competences here. On the one hand, a general understanding of directions and technological trends, and on the other hand, an understanding of IT solutions that can be implemented in the HR industry. The need for innovation concerns both HR tools in the everyday work of HR consultants and the ability to design services for clients that include modern IT solutions.

The values

We are guided by three values.

1. Interdisciplinarity

In the team, we have business practitioners who are perfectly familiar with the HR area and combine practical experience in other areas of business, e.g. investments, accounting, taxes, business development, psychology, optimizations, etc., which better understand clients’ problems and view them from a broader perspective. Our consultants develop skills in reading human behaviour, changes taking place in the society, follow events in the area of global economics and build networking that allows to understand key business processes.

2. Innovation

The R&D department and the Program Board cooperate with investment funds of the seed, start-up, venture capital, business angel networks, technology parks, technology companies and other innovation entities types by scanning these projects that related to broadly understood HR. We want to design these HR services that can contribute to better functioning of clients’ companies based on new technologies.

3. Flexibility

We follow changes, we are close to people and the environment, we listen to the voice of the market, we understand generational changes and the following social revolutions.