7 February 2019

How to talk with an investor to raise capital?

Ambrose Bierce has once written that an expert is a specialist who knows everything about something and knows nothing about anything else. If this is referred to the creation of new projects (start-up), could be tempted to formulate a question – is the expert knowledge itself about the product/service (being an expert) enough to attract an investor?
10 January 2019

How to consciously plan a professional future?

When we enter the career path (being high school graduates, students or graduates), we are faced with a dilemma – whom to become? On the one hand, at a young age, it is difficult to “know” what you want to do in life. The preferences and vision of the future are polishing over time and along with undertaking various activities.
7 January 2019

How to read human behaviour to understand the intentions of business partners?

Existing on the capital market, we make decisions about placing our own or entrusted funds in various projects on a daily basis. It is a huge responsibility, but also a vision of the reward that the effort put in compensates the uncertainty and risk. In order to minimize unpredictable events, we make a number of analyses.