As part of the consulting process, we support the management boards of companies and personnel directors in the planning and implementation of the organization’s strategy. It concerns the part of the strategy of companies in which the human factor (resources, structure, processes, trends, etc.) has a significant impact on its performance. These may be issues related to, e.g., succession planning, talent management, implementation of innovations and IT solutions, etc. All consulting solutions are systemic in nature and usually involve five stages:

  • diagnosis
  • working out solutions
  • implementing solutions
  • monitoring
  • evaluation and modification

Consulting services are provided only by business practitioners whose professional experience goes beyond HR. Our consultants are perfectly familiar with business processes, being in various organization on key positions. Thanks to this, we bring not only a “soft - HR” look at a given problem, but also from the purely business side. Moreover, as part of the OPTIM HUMAN Business Ecosystem, we have a wide range of business driving power (resources, contacts, knowledge, solutions, information), which can be used to implement suggestions resulting from the consulting. These are our added values.

The benefits may relate to, among others:
  • support in defining a part of the company’s strategy (regarding human resources);
  • planning remedial actions (in the event of a crisis or lack of results);
  • identification of weak links and processes in the organization;
  • improving the image and reputation;
  • improvement of financial indicators (profit, costs, sales, etc.);