We offer a wide range of services in the field of:
  • we carry out projects related to permanent and temporary work;
  • our tools enable recruitments practically from any industry;
  • we operate throughout the country;
  • we perform executive search/direct search;
  • recruitment reports for clients in an interactive form (including a video);
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  • a service addressed to key personnel (management boards, managers, experts);
  • a service that addresses key issues for the organization (e.g. increased profits);
  • a service that also affects intangible benefits for staff (e.g. increased involvement in work);
  • implemented in the form of 10-12 individual meetings of the coach with the Client;
  • the possibility of including the coach in the current client’s business activity (shadowing);
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HR analytics
  • is the result of a market trend related to the digitization of business processes, including the HR area;
  • support for selected tasks related to human resources management using IT solutions;
  • creating new IT functionalities for the needs and processes of clients;
  • examples of use: recruitment bots, talent management and others;
  • work within the R&D department on software supporting human profiling (recruitment, promotions, structures);
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  • we provide training related to human resources, covering the area of strategic and operational activities in organizations;
  • all projects take into account the individual goals of the employees, the current situation in the organization and the strategy assumed;
  • we carry out group, individual, outgoing, remote, one-time training, as well as a series of thematic blocks;
  • we approach training in accordance with the principle – in simple, specific and practical terms;
  • we provide activities that reinforce the effects of training;
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  • covers the area of human resources and system-related solutions (e.g. employee appraisal system);
  • the service consists of 4 elements: diagnosis, implementation, evaluation, modification;
  • consulting is carried out by experienced people, usually long-tome business practitioners with a broad view of business;
  • it is often associated with the company’s strategy as a strengthening of its implementation;
  • examples of scopes: personnel audit, job evaluation, implementation of succession, talent management, generational changes.
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We serve clients who are
at various stages of development:
  • individuals;
  • seed and start-up projects;;
  • sole proprietorships;
  • small and medium companies;
  • corporations and large companies;
  • capital groups;