We acquire key personnel for organization throughout the country, without any division into industries. We carry out executive/direct search in which we actively reach candidates on the market from competitive companies, as well as classic campaigns (social media, press advertisements). To identify the best partners, we also use the OPTIM HUMAN Business Ecosystem (networking).

Recruitment processes cover every level of the structure:

higher (members of supervisory boards and company boards);
manager (operational directors and middle level managers);
operational (experts, specialists, advisers);

We implement permanent and interim management projects. We apply a modern methodology of identification and verification of candidates, we develop multithreaded recruitment reports presenting candidates from several aspects (among others professional, private, internal potential, etc.), we support the assessment of job satisfaction of the candidate.

Benefits for the Partner:
  • minimal customer engagement (the whole recruitment process from A to Z);
  • time savings (lower costs than independent search);
  • financial savings (lower costs than independent search);
  • operational continuity in projects (short initiation periods of the candidate);
  • anonymity (without revealing the customer’s name);
  • information about the employee market (trends around the given position);
  • elimination of recruitment error (verification of the candidate by experts);
  • guarantee of the effect (several-month warranty periods);

In addition, as part of the recruitment processes, we try not only to provide candidates from the market but also advise on issues currently important in the market, i.e. keeping the talents in organizations and understanding generational changes in the labour market.

  • President of the household chemicals company.
    The implementation of recruitment projects takes place extremely efficiently, fast and professionally. The presented candidates were valued experts on the market. Thanks to them, the continuation of the company’s strategy was possible without unnecessary downtime.
    President of the household chemicals company.
1How long does the recruitment process take?
For low and medium positions: 3-4 weeks. For managerial positions (managers, directors): 4-5 weeks. For senior positions (operational director, board, supervisory board): from 6 weeks even to 24 weeks.
2How many candidates do you present?
As a rule, 3 people who meet the client’s requirements but are differentiated between each other (e.g. with the level of remuneration).
3How do you look for candidates?
In the case of passive searches (when we wait for the right candidate to appear), these are press campaigns, promotional campaigns on social networks related to searching for jobs. When we search for candidates actively penetrating the market (direct search/executive search), we directly reach the right people. We then use a network of our own contacts and methodologies in the field of sociology.
4How do you check the candidates?
We have a wide range of candidate verification options. From classical psychological tests, through psychometric tools, assessment centres, sample tasks to behavioural interviews. Traits such as life maturity, motivation, value system or other aspects of the candidate are examined by our own methods based on many years of practice of consultants. At the clients’ request, we also carry out “hard” skill tests. Currently, we slowly move away from the strong “checking” of candidates with tests, but rather an honest conversation is being conducted (this results from generational changes and the situation on the labour market).
5What does the recruitment report contain?
Our reports include, among others, a video in which the candidate presents himself/herself, a video in which the consultant justifies the candidate’s recommendation, information on the behaviour, features and attitude of the candidate, the short characterization of the generation from which the given person comes.
6What does the service guarantee mean?
When the candidate resigns at a particular time from work or when the client does so, then we are obliged to provide a new candidate who will meet the requirements and will be ready to take up work the with client.
7How long is the warranty period?
It depends on the position – from 1 event up to 12 months.
8What is the cost of the recruitment service?
In the case of permanent work, we collect the multiplicity of a monthly gross salary + VAT (23%).